Market Wise

When you do business in a small, close-knit, rural community like Taneytown, Md., you have to make sure to do it right. If you do, people will talk. And if you don’t, people will talk even more. That’s why the princi­pals at J.R. LeFaivre Construction Co. make sure the approximately 70 jobs they do per year are everything their clientele expects.

Jim LeFaivre, who runs the business with wife, Patty, son, Matt and sister,office manager Katie Reed, also knows that when your employees are happy, it ex­tends to your clients. To that end, his company has instituted an employee­ retention program that includes such benefits as a retirement program, health care coverage for employees and their families, a bonus program, and company vehicles.

But what makes LeFaivre Construc­tion’s retention program truly stand out is the fact that they extend the program to their subcontractors-offering them education and help in running their businesses. “We know they have the skills in the trades,” Jim says. “So by helping them do well in business, we are assured of a steady stable of subs.” Full-service remodeling

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