New Home: Front & Walkout

Front & Side walkout view.

New Home: Front & Garage

Front & Garage side view.

New Home: Side Walkout

Side & rear view with walkout basement.

New Home: Rear Deck

Rear deck and garage.

New Home: Outdoor Living

Outdoor Living space.

New Home: HVAC

High energy efficient systems.

New Home: Basement

Framing Basement Walls

New Home: Roof Truss

Roof truss installation.

New Home: Framing

Main level framing begins.

New Home: Water Proofing

Foundation sealing and water proofing.

New Home: Stone Preparation

Basement floor stone preparation.

New Home: Grading

Grading and lot preparation.

New Home: Foundation

Foundation forming and framing

New Home

High energy efficient home construction.

New Home: Stone Rear

Rear & Side view